Meet Bruce Gibson’s Surrogates

District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson
District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson

UPDATE (1/31/13 3:00 PM): Here is Mrs. Tornatzky’s comments that she’s made on The Tribune (Courtesy: DISQUS)

UPDATE (1/31/13 9:30 AM): Since the article was published, I’ve been in communication with Lynette Tornatzky, who insists that one of the quotes — though they’re all linked to and verified — we’ve shown of hers was “Photoshopped.” She’s been invited to send us an e-mail and explain specifically her issues with the content shown, but has continuously been unable to do so. Our contact form does work! She continues to insist that I am the “multi-monikered anonymous” who disagree with her views. Paranoia is not a good defense.

Shirley Montague-Devine also responded to the article by asking for my home address to send us her resume. The behavior we’ve seen from Gibson’s most ardent supporters — since this article was published — have been very bizarre and cult-like. We sincerely hope that Gibson doesn’t actually give tacit approval to this kind of behavior.

UPDATE (1/24/13): We received a reply from Lynette Tornatzky, who had this to say about the article and my statements about it. She italicized comments made by me in the Tribune’s January 23 editorial on Gibson, which reflected the nature of the article. “The above statements are all untruths,” she wrote. “But thanks for confirming for me that the bloggers using multiple monikers who spout these same words against me on the comment sections in the various venues are now revealed as being you!” Uh… OK!

News surfaced this week that District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson has re-hired Cherie Aispuro to be his legislative assistant a month after he revealed that he had an affair with her and subsequently transferred her to the County Clerk-Recorder’s office. This came as a surprise to many who thought that Gibson would not reintroduce the topic in such a bizarre way. It’s highly unusual for a sitting politician to continue working with his mistress after already removing her from his office. Gibson’s defiance has clearly overshadowed any of his politics or accomplishments. Because of Gibson’s defiance, the conversation has transmogrified from the morality of his actions to the way he’s handled the issue in spite of growing criticism.

Of course, Gibson has his supporters — and clearly they’re not the kind of surrogates he should have.

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Los Osos: Wild in the Streets

Lou prepares for war

“We forgot, though, that sewer opponents are nothing if not wily.”

The Tribune wrote that in their “Bouquets and Brickbats” editorial on Friday, March 2. The Tribune, which is notorious for publishing their disdain of Los Osos sewer critics, achieved a new low, even by their already non-existent standards. The “sewer opponents” are “nothing” and “wily.”

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The Los Osos Sewer Wars: Fought in Cyberspace

Los Osos Internet Troll promotes "healing"

This report is based on research that tracked online activity of Los Osos residents since the 2005 recall elections, which effectively stopped the controversial wastewater project on the Tri-W site. The recall was followed by a handful of lawsuits filed by contractors and a local group run by two of the three recalled district board members. Online, there was outcry from anonymous residents who — for more than five years — have conspired to undermine the “obstructionists” who were in support of recall efforts. Their campaign against the “obstructionists” persists to the present.

“Check this out. This is scary,” wrote former Los Osos Community Services District president Lisa Schicker to supporters in July 2006. Elected in November 2004 as a candidate who fought for an “affordable, environmentally superior sewer project,” Mrs. Schicker provided a link in her e-mail to comments made about her by anonymous pseudonyms on a message board operated by The Tribune.

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UPDATE: Say “No!” to ReCreate LO

Popcorn Politics (Original photo by the New Times)

UPDATE (December 23): According to the RCLO web site, Marshall Ochylski was removed from the board of directors roster.

After our article about ReCreate Los Osos was published, many residents came forward to raise concerns about the non-profit organization, their intentions, and the mystery surrounding the group’s formation. Here is some more information about the organization and its founders.

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ReCreate Tri-W

Free the Tornatzky Six?

Not another “healing” group! At least that’s what they claim to be. Razor Online took a closer look to see who’s “healing” who.

This year, Taxpayers Watch ReCreate Los Osos made its debut during this year’s Oktoberfest. RCLO is the newest in a long line of local non-profits in Los Osos that have aimed to “heal the rifts in the community” that have been caused by the wastewater project controversy.

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‘Scent of Money’ True or False

The $CENT OF MONEY (, 2011)

To the dismay of a few whiners,’s Dan Blackburn released his 15-minute documentary, The $cent of Money, on March 21. The documentary covered the Los Osos wastewater project and some of its “really big” infrastructure problems. The last Los Osos sewer video to grace YouTube was “Crisis in Los Osos” by Insider Exclusive from November 27, 2007, an infomercial that covered Gail McPherson and her “nightmarish story” about the state water board’s regulatory abuse. Unlike the video from 2007, Blackburn’s 15-minute documentary focuses on issues that have been the subject of hot debate amongst the sewer politicos — and the fiery debate has continued even after the video was released.

On Blackburn’s and Calhoun’s Cannon, the anonymous bloggers have vigorously weighed in, including a few familiar faces.

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Toasting the ‘Champagne’ Sewer

Tornatzky mooning the community.

If Taxpayers Watch‘s Lynette Tornatzky is any indication of the ignorance and cynicism that some residents have about the Los Osos wastewater project, the town is in serious trouble and may never heal.

On March 16, KSBY reported that the $189-million Los Osos wastewater project was unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors. At the March 15 County Board of Supervisors meeting, KSBY interviewed Tornatzky and former Los Osos Community Services District director Julie Tacker: two people from different sides of the controversial debate. It was Tornatzky’s comments that caught the attention of Razor Online.

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Let’s Celebrate Accountability

UPDATE (4:36 PM): Dave Duggan posted some great quotes that give a lot of insight into what Celebrate Los Osos is all about.

On May 22, Celebrate Los Osos (CLO) is sponsoring the Back Bay Music Festival, which will have BBQ, beer, wine and free music — all for supposedly a good cause. Proceeds from the event will go toward beautification projects in Los Osos and Baywood Park. Months ago, I wrote an article about this volunteer organization and how the people involved have done more harm than good for people living in the Prohibition Zone. I’ve personally asked the founders of this volunteer organization to set up a fund for residents who would be unable to afford the upcoming sewer. There was no response. However, there was a response by founder Pandora Nash-Karner, which included public relations-inspired expressions like “spirit of volunteerism” and lines like, “Volunteering is the most fundamental act of citizenship and philanthropy in our society.”

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The Razor’s Los Osos Best and Worst of 2009

2009 was the year that included the removal of STEP/STEG and other alternatives from the County Los Osos Wastewater Project’s design-build process, a formal complaint against Public Works director Paavo Ogren and hours of tedious — but sometimes heated — debate at the Planning Commission meetings. Along the way, mistakes were made on both sides of the debate while everyone hopelessly expected some of the bigger problems to be mitigated. Contrary to what the County of San Luis Obispo has said, the County has unanimously sided with County staff recommendations with each and every turn involving the LOWWP. With hope fading in their eyes, a small group of Los Osos residents pleaded with the board to reconsider their decisions, but the board moved ahead. Those with the loudest objections to the County were silenced with Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s wave of the hand, a chuckle out of pity and a quick tug of the microphone plug — and the microphone was off. On a few occasions, Gibson asserted that most of the people of Los Osos approved of their handling of the process, but do they?

Whether you like it or not, it’s unarguable the County made an incredible amount of what they would call “progress.” The Planning Commission moved forward with the project, changing many of the project conditions, most of which remained uncontested by the Board of Supervisors. The BOS successfully paved a clear path for the project to be considered by the California Coastal Commission, which will discuss the LOWWP and the appeals in January of next year. The County also managed to secure consideration for USDA grant money (through a population waiver) thanks to the provision on Los Osos added to the Fiscal Year 2010 Agriculture Appropriations bill, which President Obama signed into law. Let’s not forget the $35 million dollar authorization in the Water Resources Development Act, which is available for federal appropriation. The only problem is that after lingering fees and changes relevant to the sewer, which include paying off the interest of the USDA’s $64 million loan, Los Osos residents may not actually see the savings.

For now, let’s take a look at what’s happened in 2009 and check out the highlights.

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