It’s Not Just Crazy. It’s Morro Bay Crazy

Here’s this story coming out of Morro Bay that is extremely unusual. The story goes something like this: local business owners are stepping forward with allegations that the City is preventing them from competing with businesses owned by City Council members. I’m quite familiar with these allegations because the two sources behind them — Jim Davis and Rick Holliday — reached out to me to look into them. Ultimately, nothing came to fruition because these individuals dropped out of contact and gave me information that was unsubstantiated hearsay. The communication took place while I attended some of their events at what Davis called “The Speak-Easy,” located in the Sun Bulletin building in Morro Bay.

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The Sirens of the Morro Bay Aquarium

Whenever something momentous takes place, there will always be people discussing it. Everyone has their unique take on circumstances. Let’s take the controversy surrounding the Morro Bay Aquarium, for example. When you talk to people around town, you get a variation of the following two responses. One response is, “The aquarium is a great place to take the family and kids. They absolutely love it there.” The other response is, “That place needs to shut down! The seals and sea lions have been subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment for too long.” There are people who are very passionate about the hot-button issue, but there hasn’t been a lot of focus on how people deal with controversial issues, or how people should handle them.

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Morro Bay Caught in Los Osos Vortex

Where has all the sewerage gone?

When people think of Morro Bay, they think of the beautiful waterfront community with striking sunsets over Morro Rock and the harbor. But many are beginning to see Morro Bay in a different light that is very unsettling and disturbing.

The Morro Bay-Cayucos wastewater project has become a significant source of controversy for several reasons. As we previously documented in The ROCK, there is undeniable evidence that the current incarnation of the sewer system is discharging untreated wastewater around Morro Bay. After years of delays, the City of Morro Bay decided to proceed with an “upgrade” to the system with a controversial contractor and severe environmental concerns and impacts (as indicated in the March 11 California Coastal Commission staff report that analyzes the project).

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