Meet Bruce Gibson’s Surrogates

District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson
District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson

UPDATE (1/31/13 3:00 PM): Here is Mrs. Tornatzky’s comments that she’s made on The Tribune (Courtesy: DISQUS)

UPDATE (1/31/13 9:30 AM): Since the article was published, I’ve been in communication with Lynette Tornatzky, who insists that one of the quotes — though they’re all linked to and verified — we’ve shown of hers was “Photoshopped.” She’s been invited to send us an e-mail and explain specifically her issues with the content shown, but has continuously been unable to do so. Our contact form does work! She continues to insist that I am the “multi-monikered anonymous” who disagree with her views. Paranoia is not a good defense.

Shirley Montague-Devine also responded to the article by asking for my home address to send us her resume. The behavior we’ve seen from Gibson’s most ardent supporters — since this article was published — have been very bizarre and cult-like. We sincerely hope that Gibson doesn’t actually give tacit approval to this kind of behavior.

UPDATE (1/24/13): We received a reply from Lynette Tornatzky, who had this to say about the article and my statements about it. She italicized comments made by me in the Tribune’s January 23 editorial on Gibson, which reflected the nature of the article. “The above statements are all untruths,” she wrote. “But thanks for confirming for me that the bloggers using multiple monikers who spout these same words against me on the comment sections in the various venues are now revealed as being you!” Uh… OK!

News surfaced this week that District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson has re-hired Cherie Aispuro to be his legislative assistant a month after he revealed that he had an affair with her and subsequently transferred her to the County Clerk-Recorder’s office. This came as a surprise to many who thought that Gibson would not reintroduce the topic in such a bizarre way. It’s highly unusual for a sitting politician to continue working with his mistress after already removing her from his office. Gibson’s defiance has clearly overshadowed any of his politics or accomplishments. Because of Gibson’s defiance, the conversation has transmogrified from the morality of his actions to the way he’s handled the issue in spite of growing criticism.

Of course, Gibson has his supporters — and clearly they’re not the kind of surrogates he should have.

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