Breaking Down the Fragmentation

Everyone in the County agrees that the opposition to the County’s planned Los Osos wastewater project is a stubborn bunch of watchdogs. And it’s true. They are.

Because of their unyielding tenacity to present the sewer as a problem on a weekly basis, they have become political fodder for project supporters and outside observers who believe the project should be moving forward.

They have also been accused of desperately cajoling officials into investigating scandals. Scandals between contractors, their own employees, and the relationships between employees and individuals with special interests, any weak link in the chain that is also somehow in some way connected to the Los Osos sewer.

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UPDATE: Say “No!” to ReCreate LO

Popcorn Politics (Original photo by the New Times)

UPDATE (December 23): According to the RCLO web site, Marshall Ochylski was removed from the board of directors roster.

After our article about ReCreate Los Osos was published, many residents came forward to raise concerns about the non-profit organization, their intentions, and the mystery surrounding the group’s formation. Here is some more information about the organization and its founders.

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ReCreate Tri-W

Free the Tornatzky Six?

Not another “healing” group! At least that’s what they claim to be. Razor Online took a closer look to see who’s “healing” who.

This year, Taxpayers Watch ReCreate Los Osos made its debut during this year’s Oktoberfest. RCLO is the newest in a long line of local non-profits in Los Osos that have aimed to “heal the rifts in the community” that have been caused by the wastewater project controversy.

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Inside The County Sewer ‘Game’

The evil engineers of division

Razor Online has an exclusive report, detailing a large-scale operation by County officials to discredit Los Osos wastewater project dissent in never-before-seen detail.

When San Luis Obispo County Public Works Director Paavo Ogren attended a town hall meeting on June 19, 2007, he was asked by a resident about working with Dana Ripley of Ripley Pacific Company and the STEP/STEG collection system. He calmly told the resident, “Personally, I’m not a fan of that technology. Besides, [Ripley] and his project is more or less absurd. I don’t want to work with him, and… so what’s the point in complaining, right? We just follow the process. I just do what I’m told.

“It’s part of the game.”

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