The County’s Manchurian Sewer Candidate

Though she had no power or authority over the Los Osos wastewater project during her tenure on the board, former Los Osos Community Services Director Maria Kelly may have promoted the Los Osos wastewater project on her boyfriend’s — County Public Works’ Paavo Ogren — behalf through election campaigning, word-of-mouth at various community events, and progressive board action that allowed a controversial contractor to participate in the wastewater project. Given the seemingly lopsided results of the Proposition 218 assessment and the community survey, the County of San Luis Obispo benefited from her free marketing.

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When Wright is Wrong

Now playing at LOCSD funhouse

CORRECTION (11:47 PM): Marshall Ochylski spoke to Razor Online and has denied that Wright is his insurance agent, and has also denied that Wright is campaign manager. Proper corrections have been made to make the article as accurate as possible.

On July 7 Michael Wright was appointed to the Los Osos Community Services District board, assuming a seat that was vacated by former Vice President Maria Kelly, who recently resigned under pressure. Board President Marshall Ochylski, the leading supporter for Wright, openly admitted to reaching out to Wright and convincing him to submit an application for the position. Later it was rumored that not only is Wright the board president’s insurance agent, he was also his campaign manager during his most recent bid for the District 2 seat on the SLO County Board of Supervisors. Ochylski has denied the rumors.
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The Culture of Silence


The County of San Luis Obispo is unlike most counties in California — and across the nation — because of its distinct preference for silence as a general response to public inquiry. Many inquiries and concerns are raised and have been raised by citizens who demand transparency and accountability. However, many of those inquiries and concerns are swept under the rug without recourse. This is the culture of silence, and it’s rudely counter-intuitive to making progress and uncovering the truth about highly questionable governmental practices that have become standard operating procedure in the County.

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Blakeslee’s Seismic Contradiction

Only seven miles to Los Osos

Not since Hurricane Katrina have a few politicians toyed so dangerously with the lives of thousands.

Recently, State Sen. Sam Blakeslee fought hard for a suspension of the relicensing of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant until “a myriad of questions regarding the seismic setting at the facility are answered.” Blakeslee rode the headlines from Japan to headlines in the U.S.

Yet Blakeslee has remained silent on asking for a suspension of engineering contracts on the nearby Los Osos Wastewater Project, less than eight miles away from the nuclear facility, until a parallel liquefaction study for Los Osos can be completed prior to engineering the sewer project. Any major earthquake in the area is likely to affect both Diablo Canyon and Los Osos.

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