Napoleon Hill

Will he meet his Waste-Waterloo?

At last Tuesday’s SLO County Board of Supervisors meeting, many Los Osos speakers commented on the fact that the police were present during general public comment. Two weeks after my previous article was published, there was an increased presence of police inside the chambers. Newly elected San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson was present, as was the Under-Sheriff Martin Basti — formerly Chief Deputy when he physically assaulted Alan Martyn, an elderly resident of Los Osos, in 2005 — and an unnamed sheriff deputy.

How can one maintain decorum with cops that don’t know what decorum is?

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The Cop in the Back of the Room

This is where revolutions start.

UPDATE (3:16 PM PST): Sources have stated that there were three policemen at the meeting: one deputy, the undersheriff, and the sheriff himself (Ian Parkinson).

UPDATE (2/22 at 1:25 PM PST): Even more Sheriff’s deputies were in the back of the room during public comment at Tuesday’s SLO County Board of Supervisors meeting.

For nearly 10 years, law enforcement has been dispatched to meetings that addressed — or had public comment speakers that addressed — issues pertaining to the Los Osos wastewater project. Typically, it’s been presumed that the police were summoned to deal with the allegedly unruly Los Osos residents, most of whom maintain a reasonable, measured tone without elevating the vitriol beyond “We’re getting screwed.”

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Affordability – Gibson’s Big Lie

Gibson will make sure you leave Los Osos.

Second District Supervisor Bruce Gibson was up to his old dirty tricks again at the Feb. 3 Regional Water Board meeting in San Luis Obispo.

When asked by RWQCB Chairman Jeffrey Young for his response to public comment from Los Osos speakers, the irascible Gibson resorted to his tiresome, negative stock speech of fractured facts, desperate distortions and layered lies, once again deflecting any and all criticism that his $166 million big-city megasewer for little Los Osos’ “Prohibition Zone” isn’t anything but the best damn project poor Los Osos’ millions can buy.

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Mrs. Taylor’s PZ

Los Osos knows it can depend on Gewynn


In Los Osos, California, where an unnecessary $200 million County sewer project on steroids will kick thousands out of their homes, desperation fills the air like thick smoke from imaginary cannon fire drifting across the scarred fields of the once “shovel ready,” now abandoned Tri-W site of the stopped 2005 project.

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