Last Christmas in Los Osos

UPDATE 12/31: The Tribune has featured a shorter version of this editorial, which can be found here.

Christmas has come for many residents in the seaside community of Los Osos, and for many residents – who face economic hardship especially during these tumultuous times – this Christmas may be their last in Los Osos.

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What Do You Mean ‘We’?

... or are they Tri-W zombies?

Every time the Los Osos wastewater project is talked about, there will always be that one person that says, “We [the majority of the Los Osos community] are tired of the ‘anti-sewer obstructionists’ that are ruining our town,” followed by some obscene, repetitive ad hominem attack and a series of exclamation points!!!!

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Is Taxpayers Watch Pimping For MWH?

Taxpayers Watch leaders (Clockwise from top left) Gordon Hensley, Stan Gustafson, Joyce Albright, Richard LeGros.

Los Osos Taxpayers Watch, the successor group to Tri-W sewer site promoters Save the Dream, has become an enigma in Los Osos: are they watching out for taxpayers or are they watching out for big business? In this case, it’s big business with a long shadow.

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