Alon Perlman, Meet Dystiny Myers

Dystiny Meyers

There are times when the only response you can give — regarding someone who is unhinged — is to call a spade a spade. Sometimes, that response is just not good enough, so here we are.

For the past two years, Alon Perlman has seemingly spent every waking hour posting obscene and false statements about my family and I without observing the bigger picture, which is the dire situation happening right now in the town that he lives in. To defend against these outrageous comments would utilize more time and resources than I want to allocate to this person. I’ll be taking the more efficient route of discourse by issuing the following statements.

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Congalgate: Dirty Dave Strikes Paydirt

Dave and Bruce

Dave Congalton is a popular radio host on predominantly conservative radio station KVEC 92.0, located in San Luis Obispo. KVEC also features syndicated broadcasts from known right-wing firebrands Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh: both of them have contributed their own slice of crazy to an already tumultuous political climate.

Not to be out-staged by his syndicated comrades, Congalton has adopted an alter-ego as a “journalist” on a Central Coast news site, CalCoastNews, as their Contributing Editor. And what better way to bring more attention to himself than to attack a “obscure, rarely-read blog,” while tossing journalism standards out the window all at once.

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Mixed Reaction to ‘Ring the Doorbell’

To say the least, there has been mixed reaction to my previous article, “Get the Facts: Ring Paavo’s Doorbell.”

On one side, people have expressed frustration over the County’s refusal to thoroughly answer the vital questions that they were asked but don’t or won’t answer. On another, some found the posting of the public officials’ home addresses and phone numbers “dangerous and irresponsible,” asserting that the nature of my article would induce an unstable person — as there are a few folks of that nature in Los Osos — to create threats of harassment and even bodily harm.

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Get The Facts: Ring Paavo’s Doorbell

UPDATE 10/15/10 9:49 AM PST: The County of San Luis Obispo has provided a written demand pursuant to California Government Code section 6254.21(c)(3) to have the addresses and phone numbers removed, and Razor Online has fully complied.

UPDATE 5:10 PM PST: After threatening to “calling me out” on the article, the 4:00 PM show with KVEC’s David Congalton made no mention of it, but Piper Reilly spoke and did a wonderful job talking about what’s happening in Los Osos. Kudos to you, Mrs. Reilly!

UPDATE 1:00 PM PST: It is important to note that the contact information provided is, indeed, public and listed in the phone book. It is custom for elected and public officials to make their information unlisted, but since these individuals have not, the information will remain up.

UPDATE 12:42 PM PST: Congalton and I have started a dialogue. Click here to read the latest.

UPDATE 12:22 PM PST: KVEC radio host David Congalton wrote an e-mail to Razor Online: “I think this is a very dangerous and irresponsible article. It is unethical as far as I’m concerned for “journalists” to publish the home addresses of elected public officials and urge people to confront them (and their families). Gibson may not have to worry about it because he lives in the middle of nowhere, but Ogren is right in SLO. This is the kind of stuff that gives the anti-BOS crowd such a bad rep. Count me out, please.” Here is my e-mail response to Congalton (PDF).

The County of San Luis Obispo claims to have achieved a lot in its pursuit of a wastewater system for Los Osos, but they’ve notably cut many corners to arrive at this point, and some of the corners they’ve cut have the jagged edge of unfinished public business to them.

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