Palin Slammed By Hometown Paper For Georgia Campaigning

For Sarah Palin to campaign for a chicken hawk like Saxby Chambliss says a lot more about Palin than it does about Chambliss. It shows that Palin pallies around with people who shamelessly bask in hypocrisy… kinda like terrorists. I’m not saying she’s palling around with terrorists or anything like that — oh Heaven forbid! But in all seriousness, she seems to align herself with what’s wrong with the GOP.

The GOP still doesn’t get it.

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LOCSD Press Release – 11/29/08

Here is the official press release sent by the Los Osos Community Services District on November 29th:


November 26, 2008

On November 25, 2008, the United States Bankruptcy Court approved settlements of claims that had been asserted against the Los Osos Community Services District by Monterey Mechanical Company and Barnard Construction Company, Inc. These claims arose from the District’s now-suspended wastewater project.

Along with a prior settlement of the claim of Whitaker Contractors, Inc., these settlements reduced the total original contractor claims by 59% from $27,796,844 to $11,427,814. The reduction in these claims benefits the District’s other creditors because it will increase the percentage distribution to creditors in the District’s reorganization plan.

No claims will be paid until the Bankruptcy Court approves a reorganization plan for the District. The District intends to file this plan with the Bankruptcy Court after the County passes a resolution accepting responsibility for constructing a wastewater project.

For more information please call LOCSD General Manager John Schempf at 528-9370.

There are people who are still saying that these are the consequences for stopping the wastewater treatment project at Tri-W, but in reality, all this money is the direct consequent of not providing a Proposition 218 vote. That little fact does not vindicate the current board of what they’ve done to accumulate so much debt nor does it make the recalled board seem justified in their actions in hindsight.

The people of Los Osos must move on. In order to move on, they need to learn how to count their beans, learn restraint, take accountability, and give independent leaders a fighting chance.

Black Friday Gets Even Darker

Every year on Black Friday, we hear on the news about stories like these.

A Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death after hundreds rushed into a Wal-Mart in Long Island, New York. Meanwhile, in Palm Desert, California, two men were shot dead in a Toys ‘R Us after a heated exchange but that particular incident was said to not be relevant to Black Friday.

However, I think that all this frantic behavior comes from the whole post-Thanksgiving sale-a-thon shopping experience that seems to have become a nationwide tradition among retailers. People will trample over others, shoot others, fight tooth and nail over saving money during the holiday season.

I really don’t know who should be held more accountable: consumers who are so obsessed with buying material possessions that they’ll demonstrate recklessness to get what they want or the corporations who manipulate the market through promotions to make people desperate.

I can totally understand day sales like Black Friday. It’s hard to find bargains nowadays especially with our current economic conditions. I can also understand that having these loss leader and doorbuster sales will turn a tremendous profit for one day and increase store revenue — but are people going too far? I mean, come on.

I’ve looked at a lot of Black Friday deals because I’ve considered shopping online, but when I see the price differences compared to the usual suggested retail price, it makes me wonder why people will run over people for saving 10-15% on something if that. It’s not like these sales are “all-things-must-go” total liquidation deals. You save a few bucks that you’ll end up paying in gasoline on your way to and from the store. So where’s the deal?

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving. We celebrate this holiday because we find things that we are thankful for and reflect on those things. Black Friday comes and in the midst of our desperation to buy that flat-panel LCD TV for $1,299.99 at Best Buy, we don’t realize that maybe we’re not thankful for the things we already have; only buying new material possessions seems to satisfy desires that always need to be satisfied every year. Essentially, we keep feeding the problem. We keep helplessly contributing to an inner-demon that I’d like to call Hedonism.

There ought to be a more conscious effort to debunk the hype of consumer holidays like Black Friday. There should be sales all year round on things that people need like food, water and hygiene products. Because of our current economic state, America needs to go back to basics and focus on rebuilding our personal financial infastructure instead of feeding into a machine that, in actuality, gives so little back to us except for things that are disposable, obsolete and cheap.

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Now is the time for all of us to sit down at the dinner table and reflect on the things that we are grateful for.

I can understand that the economy isn’t doing so well and many of us woke to news about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. Times are tough but I think that we must concentrate on the things that have kept us safe and in peace as well as the things that continue to keep us safe and out of harm’s way.

What are you thankful for?

Why the Gates Pick Works

Keeping Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense shows consistency and diversity in the Obama administration.

Obama isn’t the kind of person that will uproot already-serving individuals for partisan reasons, but at this point in time, whether you oppose the war or not is no longer a partisan issue. It’s an issue of logistics and whoever is the most qualified to address critical issues in the military that will help us overseas in the Middle-East and around the world is someone who deserves recognition in any presidential administration.

Gates is a good pick.

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About Obama’s Cabinet

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Obama Defends Cabinet: The Change Will Come From Me

I find that all this speculation — by people fearing that Obama won’t be encouraging change in his administration — of cabinet members is ridiculous. As he said today and as we should have known all along, change will be coming from Obama himself, not from his advisers.

Additionally, here you have someone who will be listening (not relying on) to people who have experience.

I think the problem is that everyone has been so accustomed to George W. Bush’s administration because many of Bush’s figureheads were driving forces behind issues and matters that have brought this country into great turmoil. As Bob Woodward pointed out in his books on Bush, Bush did not play a significant role in the decisions that his advisers made. He assumed the role of the cynical executive with the rubber stamp.

To assume that Obama would have an administration similar to Bush’s would be baseless. Let’s see what Obama can do with the people he chose. Each and every adviser has something they can bring to the table; each and every one of those advisers has proven themselves in one way or another. Let’s just sit quietly and watch.

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About President Obama

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Palin Going Back On Trail In Georgia

This morning, I watched CNN Headline News cover the, “Thank You, Palin” PAC ad and then I read this article about her campaigning on behalf of GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss and Chambliss happily accepted her on board.

The GOP still doesn’t get it.

Here you have someone who has fought on behalf of what she calls “small town values,” but winds up losing in the election to someone who preached about how everyone’s values matter, not just small town values.

Sarah Palin undoubtedly appeals to the GOP evangelical “Joe six-pack” base, but she is not centrist enough to appeal to independents and intellectual conservatives. She goes the opposite direction and instead of appealing to those who really make or break the tie, she evokes fundamentalist extremism that millions of Americans have seen with their own eyes when she attacked Obama for “palling around with terrorists” and calling him a socialist. She appealed to the worst of her party.

Sarah Palin represents the failure of neo-conservative practice in government. You can challenge her all you want as far as what she knows and doesn’t know. Even assuming hypothetically that she’s a Harvard graduate with a Ph.D in Political Science, she still represents the failed tactics that advanced the deterioration of conservative relevance in our evolving, modern society.

About Sarah Palin

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My Pre-Thanksgiving Message and Proposition 8

As Americans prepare themselves for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 27th, those who make the effort to encourage and enact the festivities are often reminded of the things we ought to be thankful for.

My love and gratitude goes out to my mother and father for doing their best to raise their only child. They were always there for me and they were much more open about matters that kids rarely or never talk to their parents about. When I think of mom and dad, I think of the passage of John 8:32 expression, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” I learned that as painful as it may be to be forthcoming, the truth will strengthen bonds and ensure enlightened moral values.

But I eventually discover that my moral values do not and should not ever dictate public policy.

Proposition 8 is an issue that is often raised despite the fact that the proposition was passed on November 4th. My blogging buddy, Ann Calhoun, posted an editorial piece on Proposition 8, asking Neal O’Hagan of Arroyo Grande to explain some of his ambiguous language in a letter he wrote to The Tribune. It’s a good read. It makes you think.

I feel that the evangelical right wing has muddied the waters so much so that the issue of separation of church and state has been undercut by the struggle to keep the church separate from the state. In our society, policymakers are often at a heavily disputed crossroads of ideas where they inject their moral views into law without taking into consideration that there are other people who have views that differ. Their narrow-mindedness trickles down to their constituents who attempt to stamp out rights of others by citing “traditional biblical values,” which is often not explained enough. And then one starts to ask, “Are those traditional biblical values my traditional biblical values?”

With that said, I think Proposition 8 goes beyond gay marriage. It’s about fundamentalist sects of religion (such as the Mormon Church) trying to take ownership of the laws that govern everyone, or in other words — and dare I say it — God’s children in the name of instilling tradition. Tradition is something that laws start with but society redefines tradition from generation to generation, thus effectively changing laws to accommodate evolving social standards. Understanding this, our founding fathers drafted the United States Constitution, using Christian principles as a means of creating a backbone that can be expanded to fit society’s time-influenced dynamics, not as a means of instilling the values our founding fathers had during their lifetime.

If tradition remained consistently enforced, we would still have slaves and the Thirteenth Amendment (1865) would not exist. We would still be discriminating as far as who votes based on their race, color, or previous status as a slave and the Fifteenth Amendment (1870) would not exist. We would be denying a woman’s right to vote and the Nineteenth Amendment (1920) would not exist. During the times when those subsequent amendments were introduced, religious fundamentalists also cited “traditional biblical values” as a means of disputing them. Today, would Americans collectively dispute these amendments while citing their traditional biblical values as their reasoning? I don’t think so.

This Thanksgiving, a tradition that reaffirms the many things we are thankful for, many of us ought to be thankful that we have rights. After we put down the turkey drumsticks and eat all of grandma’s special recipe pumpkin pie, we should extend our gratitude for the rights we were given by fighting for the rights for others. Then history and the people whose rights were not recognized before will be thanking you (and people like you) for what you have done to make sure they are equal.

Obama Introduces His Economic Team

Obama has selected a group of qualified individuals.

What I like most is that Obama selected New York Federal Reserve President Tim Geithner to be Treasury Secretary because he’s shown — through his previous experiences — to be more responsive to financial crises than Henry Paulson.

While Henry Paulson devised this $700 billion emergency bailout plan, he did nothing to curb or eliminate the lavish executive bonuses, which would theoretically take a good chunk out of that bailout money. American taxpayers would never see the money that directed to bonuses.

Geithner doesn’t have unclean hands unlike Paulson.

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Evasive Lieberman Discusses Regrets On “Meet The Press”

Lieberman is someone who you can’t help but to take a deep breath, close your eyes and forget that he said anything for the last two years. As much as it pains me, someone who has supported Barack Obama throughout his entire campaign, to say this, I think we need to let go of Lieberman.

The burden is now on him to prove himself to the Democratic Party again now that a man he’s sharply criticized is going to be the 44th President of the United States.

Lieberman has to look at himself from a PR perspective and focus positively on the issues that are affecting Americans. He needs to revitalize his image by not only supporting President Obama, but also by being aggressive on the issues that he feels that Barack Obama is not well-versed in; provide constructive input and legislation so that things are more at ease.

Politicians like Lieberman shouldn’t be bogged down by the things they regret and what was said in the past, but if you’re going to say things that are questionable, be prepared to answer them briefly, gracefully and move forward.

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