Balmy Harbor Festival 2012 Draws Throngs to Morro Bay, C.O.A.S.T Protest

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Buoyed by spectacular summer weekend weather in the fall, the annual Morro Bay Harbor Festival staged one of its most successful events ever on Saturday and Sunday, October 6 and 7, as thousands of tourists and residents flocked to the annual extravaganza on the Embarcadero to enjoy a friendly tsunami of fun, food, drink and entertainment by the bay.

Headlining the festival’s music lineup were Queen revival band, Queen Nation, who thrilled the crowd with their spot-on, rousing rock renditions of all-time hits such as “Somebody to Love” and “Under Pressure,” and Steve Miller Band singer-guitarist Kenny Lee Lewis & the Barflyz, whose sophisticated blend of Bay Area rock covers and originals took flight with “The Joker” and Steely Dan’s “Do It Again.” A stream of polished talent kept the music playing on two large stages while band music also poured from the Dockside II Restaurant. Street performance artists Marionetta and Columbina, the Discovering Science for Kids tent and park rides captured the attention of the very young ones.

On Saturday afternoon, just as Queen Nation was about to take the main stage, the C.O.A.S.T Alliance’s “Goin’ C.O.A.S.Tal” land and sea rally (See SEISMIC SUCCESS) against seismic testing started. C.O.A.S.T members and supporters in brightly colored t-shirts with “Stop Ocean Blasting” on the front walked single file past the festival site on the way to their Coleman Beach rally point, as a C.O.A.S.T flotilla of boats and kayaks filled the bay to protest PG&E’s impending seismic test off Morro Bay.

The combined crowd excitement of the festival and land-sea protest provided festival-goers with an unforgettable eyeful and earful. They learned a lot about the seismic test, and the C.O.A.S.T protest only added to the waterfront atmospherics to make this year’s Harbor Festival one of the most memorable and dramatic in years.